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go Nigeria ❤❤...... Pls can you upload this part2 on nexflex pleaseeeeeeeee


When will this movie become available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video I am ready to purchase. Beautiful!!!!!! I love her dresses !!♥️♥️♥️ They were beautiful and lit congratulations 🎈🍾💍 this is super beautiful the bride and groom ,,,,wooooooowwwwwwww This is absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍


love this, made me think of my future wedding <3

Overhyped. Over done. Less talent than before. .. In other words, a waste of time, using the white girl gimmick, come on. Osuofia in London already did that..


The dab was EPIC!

my body is ready. ginger o ginger

Please where can I watch this?

Beautiful dance


The guy at 7:13 is killing it.

Oya pass ..... COME BACK HERE!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

LOL I can't wait!

Nottywood my foot

Love it, want same for my girl

I haven't watched this yet. I heard it was not as good as the 1st one though :).


What a wedding its on fleek 🔥❤️

This is the best wedding entrance I have ever seen

i looove...😍😍😍they too lit!!i mean the couple..😍😍 I love the movie wedding more, and i mis the pastor. Good luck.. you guys make a great match can't stop watching your video everytym your day was light may God bless your union with love forever. the first bridal dance was awsome

Nigerian weddings a dopee wow I wanna marry one of them Just one week ! I can't wait ooo... Omg Im so excited im getting married to my first & only Nigerian in a couple of weeks from now... Im so nervous and excited! rubbish Im sorry it was dry until the bride and groom came in and then it got turnt. She looked beautiful too! Love it.

I tell my fella Americans all the time its what u eat. Notice how shapely and fit these women are and how fit the men look. Because these people eat RIGHT!!!! I dated African man who ate no sugar not even in his drinks and rarely touched beef. 48 and his sex game was on point and also noticed with jamaican men too. I'm a pescatarian and lie...think I'm at least 10-15 yrs younger. These people are beautiful and look at shapes on the women in the background..

watching this trailer makes me want a Nigerian man also lol.






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